This, a promise.

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

This a promise; This exists. This a promise, This exists.
Not gonna lay my body down for anything - that's not a Gift to this world, not gonna lay my body down - for nothin!
Standing tall and reaching upward, from our roots so deep;
Ancient wisdom guides us onward if we'll but hear it!

This song is something like a mantra for me, to remember the wisdom that preceeds me, and the opportunity that lies in setting boundaries, saying "no".

Also actively saying, "yes" to the practices that the ancients and now modern-day leaders in healthcare endorse, recommendations like meditation, dance, mindful eating, etc.

In singing this in a group, the opportunity to reset and actively practice this "healthy balance" collectively is present, and has achieved desirable outcomes of catharsis, connection, peace and focused alertness with readiness for contemplation.

Please enjoy a listen, and make the peice your own if you so choose.


Link to audio sample of song, collected at a community sing in Chicago, Fall of 2019.

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