The End of an Era

This is the post wherein I acknowledge the usefulness of personal record keeping.

Journaling, writing "to-do's," transcribing favorite quotes.

I have recently come to the end of the available pages of an eleven-year old journal book, gifted to me while completing my undergraduate degree at University by two friends from whom I haven't heard from in years.

This book has captured many experiences, inspirations, hardships and's served as a companion of sorts, and as I've traveled and moved and transitioned; it's been a relatively transportable accompaniment; many who've spent long periods of time with me, are likely to have met this artifact, "keeper-of-dreams" of mine.

In aiming to utilize this Blog space for supplying resources, I will offer up a little article with supportive evidence of how enriching this practice has been.

Additionally, in case you, dear reader, are deterred from the endeavor of journaling, as going from non-journaling to writing a lot feels perhaps a big change, too foreign and unfamiliar, yet another commitment challenging to maintain - I am offering some images wherein you can see it's not all words on the page. Some experiences are better captured through drawing, or even the promotional materials of said events themselves.

I've included some pages of my magnum opus, for your visual pleasure.

* My book concluded with several pages of transcribed speech. It felt fitting to delve deep into the words of a literary and philosophical hero of mine, Toni Morrison, as she spoke exquisitely about the use of language, from various angles, as it is so inextricably linked from our very humanity.

You can listen to the brilliant reflection she offered upon receiving the Nobel Prize of Literature in 1993, here:

This journal has also cued many a passerby to my interest in music. Essentially, it can do the talking for you if you're not in the mood for speaking;)

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