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For the November edition of the blog, it was time to lift the curtain and share our beloved webwizard of the healing garden that is


Readers, please do take a breath and smile, put your hands together in a round of applause for:

Tyler Cooper.

Katie B. and Tyler took time for a conversation on a Friday night, the article envisioned having purpose in this way:

Let’s create content to make Tyler’s field more tangible for fellow artist and clinicians like myself aiming to make a go of being in business for themselves… and let’s use the site to set the foundation for transparency, something like, “when engaging with Bloom the business, you are also supporting other folks who are mission-centered and seeking to live out their calling - this guy.”

***** Our very blog can be a chance for a friend and expert in an adjacent field, space and time to share the wisdom and perspective he’s gleaned from his purview as a web designer. *****

The ensuing conversation illuminated all the feels of – exchanges with those who inspire and support and can share a mutually gratifying chuckle –

that’s the stuff for which I currently give the utmost thanks, in a moment that invites us all to connect across the distance.



Though we’ve but just begun collaborating professionally in the last year, Katie B. and Tyler interactions have a rhythm and consistency of mutually supportive feels. We reflected on the breakthrough moment wherein we were discussing our spiritual aspects, that he is, in my minds eye and consequently introduced as my Socratic Christian friend.

“I don’t know where it happened or how but I have developed a very philosophically correct way of speaking to people – where it’s like - I like that you said Socratic – where I do everything measured, I’m not taking too hard of a side, or hard of a line even if in my head I’m thinking, ‘okay, I don’t get it’.”

Yes, Tyler, your diplomacy has invited me to feel it safe to share my DREAMS and VISIONS, about the way who I am and strive to become, may be of service to the world. HUZZAH!

When pressed to speak about the soft-skills essential to serving in tech support, Tyler remarked, “I want to be that person for other people that I want to be for myself […] treating everyone with compassion, and understanding is one of the core things you have to do.”

While knowing something of his values, when invited to speak on what he thought important for our audience to know about his calling, Tyler noted, “I want Parallel Illustrations to reflect my personal values... I don’t think there is much of a separation between me and my business. Right now there really isn’t because it’s just me but even if it was to become a group of people I’d want our core values to reflect certain tenants, certain ethos that would not be separated from myself.” Tyler went on to say, “I want to lift my community up and (this might sound crazy) – I don’t look at my community as just the people around me, I look at it as everyone I can interact with, […] So my community is you.”

YESSS! Respecting our own capacity of influence, through conscious use of our skills to make the world a better place

The questioning that compels Tyler forward with his project, he expressed clearly with, “How can Parallel Illustrations help build up somebody else to be better, to be more than what they are? I’m a thorough believer, good design, does just that.” Fundamentally, “one of my core tenants of Parallel Illustrations is you can design for problems, you can design for betterment and that doesn’t need to stop at your visuals, you can design for your company, you can design structures and systems; all of these things take a certain kind of thought process.”

That’s what I’m about, and that’s what the business is about, it’s about design.”

Tyler self identifies as being “design oriented, I believe that design can solve every problem, […] right now [big scale systems] don’t and can cause more problems, but good design is going to solve more problems than it causes, and that’s really where I am always to look to see how I can integrate some aspect so that it works better in this way and I’m always looking at the whole group of problems.”

Readers, indeed let’s pause together, as we get to know how Tyler is applying his vitality towards how to make an impact.

Essential questions:

Does your life and your behaviors represent your values?

Is your choice working for the betterment of all or is it detrimental? Can we change our INDIVIDUAL DESIGN STRUCTURE to progress…

Whether you are part of an established organization or in the developmental stages of a project, Tyler may be of service to you and your objectives.

To see more of Tyler’s work, please visit

We are in this together, do mention that you learned more about Tyler through this blog, if it is so.

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