Sit. [For Alli]

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

The sit is filling, makes to be, the very thing I really need and so I sit each morn, for utter Bliss or Agony, always quiet, internalseen. I am the thing I want with love and also that which intercedes and so the sit is full of it, and on and on to posterity. Perhaps in time, the Stillness wins and sits will be most Dark, NOTHING. For now it is just from time to time, blips of abyss and nothing more. The "more" slips in, in other places, in the way I am and interfaces and handle thoughts hopes fears and tears - and share or don't with some assurance. I'm writing now to thank it all - the "monkey mind" and moving breath, and all the things I never think, that keep going on without me.

Inside me.

Around me.

Through me, and on and on and on through you and me and where we are indefinitely... To be well acquainted with Death's possibility by living still..

This, I'd prescribe, with gusto Force - to Every Soul seeking balms and scripts and salvation out of it - sit not asking for what is wanted, sit to notice just what is.

In detail, then let go of it.

MwAhhhhhaha. Take it or leave it, you'll do what you want or you won't or you'll wait or you'll hear what I say and think, " those words are for her, not to me" and I'll ask what's the difference? And not to give it away, but we'll all pass on sometime.

Sit wins.

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