Post Independence Day Reflection

I’m finding the adjustment from forest living (a brief stint of camping in a national forest with my mother and bandmates) to be remarkably effecting.

I currently reside in the suburbs of Chicago, serving as a part-time Music Therapist for a large healthcare company as well as a private practice, and the contractor status has it’s benefits in it’s flexibility, and also it’s challenges. I seem to be called to adjust to a lot of shifts, and at times adaptability feels like a virtue, and others - a curse.

I’ve found returning to the study of Shiatsu, to be a remarkably grounding, therapeutic endeavor. This framework for looking at wellness, speaks to me in it’s commitment to connecting one’s personal seasons, with the larger scheme of things - noting the expression of the elements, including earth, water, fire, wood and metal. In observing and integrating the expression of a tree, for instance, I can appreciate the connection of pliability and flexibility in the wind, with endurance in the Windy City. I can appreciate the efficacy of deep and expansive root network, and the aspiration of its branches collecting from the air, and the sun, and the movement of the wind.

I’m learning about the effectiveness of employing imagery and imagination, in empowering people within their physical form. I’ve already in my practices, witnessed great change when people permit themselves a relaxed state, and are invited to truly contemplate, (gently and nonjudgementally, of course) a way in which they can either remember feeling well, or envision it, through aspiring to the feeling of something witnessed in their world, that is inspiring.

The “anti-pathogenic goal,” the practice term for a receiver’s wellness aspirations, is the bread and butter, so to speak of quality shiatsu work. It is the way in which an entire person - (unfortunately, in my opinion, conventionally divided into body mind and spirit) can be "online" for moving in a desired, actively envisioned direction. During a shiatsu treatment, a clinician is not only touching the body of the receiver, their is a chance in palpating and stretching the physical form, that their is adjustment in the domains of thinking and consciousness altogether.

Incredible, right? I humbly admit this will be a lifelong learning, and I gratefully recieve those willing to surrender themselves for treatment in my initial stages as a practitioner.

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