On the road again 

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Today was another round of the proverbial dialogue: what's the worth of touring?

How do I/we quantify the purpose, or value that it is to travel, to meet strangers or far away friends, or to be uncomfortable, to hear, see, taste, smell, experience... to be heard, and seen and felt and know safety in the uncontrolled situation that comes from journeying. How do we properly share the fortune that it is to entertain curiosity and reflection with fellow travelers, and (in my very fortunate circumstance,) beloved friends and cohorts. I do not have the answer. I have only the committment to allow myself the trying. To express from a value of sharing, receiving, in spaces of willing receptivity, and even in some spaces with fragile resistance. I've found that sometimes the fear of the unknown has hindered life gratitude and holiness to the extent it feels just to share somethings that others haven't thought to ask. I commit too, to bringing home my listening and care, and the "pay it forward" kindness that rains on is when we travel and sing and smile and taste and wonder. On the road, again.

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