I find myself beginning to write, and then retracting....and starting again....

Perhaps it sincere and honest to note I feel some anticipation, anxiousness even, and maintain awareness that I know not this blog's readership.

My usual concern of crafting for it's audience, is, well...difficult, to say the least.

But Wix (company through whom I have composed this website,) invited me to write something stunning for my first post, to assure all visitors I am a human being, available for service.

Well folks, here I am.

I most readily identify as a person intrigued and enlivened by HEALING. For myself, in the company of others, and to the Earth. I acknowledge cycles and seasons, and respect death. And strive to Honor life.

I commit this blog to being authentic to my aesthetic and my values to the best of my ability, with the competence at hand. That is to say, it is by learning through doing that I will know how best to utilize this forum and effect the most good. I hope.

I thank you for reading. And listening. And contemplating - as the wise have said, "I am first and foremost a human-being, not a human-doing."

If, dear Reader, you have a subject upon which you desire me to reflect, address, offer insight or commentary, please email such request through the "Contact me" of this website.

Additionally, if you desire conversation, or an experiential of my work, consider booking.

Farewell for now,


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