Joy.Authenticity.Music.Movement.Meditation begins...

Imagine a space where music serves movement and movement informs the meditation and meditation drives the music..... an ongoing organic synthesis of sound and surrender....

I write, blessed to collaborate with Aimee, Gergana and Tosho in a beautiful community-building, soul-fulfilling, creatively captivating event, we've come to call Joy Authenticity Music Movement Meditation, or JAMMM.

This event serves as a space for pure self-discovery and exploration. In my vision and participation in JAMMM, our design optimizes the lasting potential benefit to those who come to open up the parameters of what is individually and collectively possible. Given the thoughtful structure, the event permits self-discovery as potentially a private experience, just as much as a communal one. I feel committed to supporting this offering because it is an opportunity to empower individuals and communities to greater understand, and to feel curious about their bodies and environment, and celebrate inherent musicality to their personhood. In JAMMM, musicians have the opportunity to exercise their improvisational skills interactively, specifically amidst dancers. The uniqueness of this offering lies in it's fundamental place intentionally where live music and dance meet. I am honored to collaborate with all who bring themselves to the space. What is JAMMM? An utterly unique experience of people gathering in the spirit of creativity and discovery. What does it look like? Whenever we gather to JAMMM, there is a common structure: 1.) intention setting and check-in 2.) live interactive improvised music stimulating movement and movement stimulating music in a constant continuous exchange 3.) a closing ritual Why? Because there is power in the ineffable and the practice of surrendering to inspiration in movement and music discovery. Because there are not enough spaces for sober group dancing and live music. Because we want to, and can.

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