Integrated Arts Practice, in practice.

"Integrated arts practice refers to inter-disciplinary art, art research, development, production, presentation, or artistic creation of work that fully uses two or more art disciplines to create a work for a specific audience. "( )

The above image is a captured moment of my beloved ensemble, performing in the foyer of The International Museum of Surgical Science (amidst the stone statues of immortalized surgical heroes,) for the occasion of friends' exhibit opening. On this particular Thursday evening, Dr. Molly Doane and Dr. Joanna Michel, amidst colleagues and students involved with the project, revealed their months of hard work in a multi-modal display that captured, "how [...] migratory human and non-human beings learn to grow and flourish in a city of steel and glass?" The Herbal Remedies played two hour sets, with a brief reflection of the project by it's participants in between musical offerings.

To read more about the team's ecologically and anthropologically conscious work, please follow this link:

What I now write, is about what this evening held in terms of artistic, soulful affirmation. How might a forest-folk ensemble find itself in such a place you ask? Well, it began some time ago, when a certain Jarvis Square Pottery, began to host concerts, and lectures, and occasions for cross-pollination. In participating in events at the venue, The Herbal Remedies had the great fortune of recognizing and connecting with the founders of the space, Paul and Molly. We noticed the synchronicity of our artistic messages (let us be aware of ALL sentient beings and our responsibility of care to ourselves as an integrative component of an expansive complex, living network,) and in acknowledgement of this value, we were invited to be the soundscape bringing life to the display of their collected images, and narratives.

It felt totally invigorating to arrive for set-up in this space, with it's incredibly complex history and timely contemporary engagement, knowing we had place in this event through our connection with people, and plants, and stewardship about celebrating and supporting life. From collectively singing together, to witnessing the stories of how different disciplines converged for the project, to wine and snacking together; it was a most lovely evening, and I am grateful to take time and notice that this is indeed why we do as we do - to nourish all those on the journey of healing.

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